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Re: [SLUG] Linux calendaring

On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 13:28:29 +1100
peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> What calendaring clients are people using?  I'm finding the need for a
> calendar that syncs to a CalDAV server, and to my PDA.  Evolution used
> to be able to do this, but they've dropped PalmOS support now.  And
> its user interface is uncomfortable to use for me --- too much screen
> real estate, and wants to be a MUA as well as a calendar and
> addressbook.
> I'm still using JPilot for most things, but it doesn't talk to
> CalDAV.
> Looking for recommendations...
> Peter C

Orage might be suitable... It's an Xfce app. I like it because the
files are plain text so I can easily edit them to suit myself. 

It imports / exports iCal files so I imagine that it should talk to
CalDAV (iirc iCal & CalDAV are the same format?). 

It runs from the notification area, lists daily events, tasks,
appointments etc ... 

It also works well in Unity & Gnome2 when I've switched out of Xfce.

maintainer: http://www.kolumbus.fi/~w408237/orage/

Refer to the Import / Export section in the docs for synchronising via