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Re: [SLUG] Traffic control

On 02/24/2012 02:29 PM, Jim Donovan wrote:
Recently my ISP discontinued the ADSL plan I was on and put me on another plan with three times the bandwidth. This is fine however one of the kids likes watching YouTube and can now chew up a month's data in a few days.

I have warned him. I can let him do it and see how he feels about dropping back to dial-up speed but the whole family will suffer with him.

Or can I slow down his machine's consumption? One way of doing this might be to run tc(2) on his machine however the doco hasn't been updated since 2.4 and doesn't seem to make much sense. Has anyone experience of doing policing with tc(2), iptables(8) or anything else? Or could I alter said son's machine's routing to use as gateway another machine running something to slow data down.

Any suggestions, please?

Jim Donovan

P.S. Not relevant to my problem however you sometimes see plans in which you can burn a month's data in a few minutes. Why do people sign up for trash like that?
Cant help with your particular problem (outside of using a firewall with traffic shaping) but to comment on your P.S

I don't use much data, but I do what high speed, when i get my lolcats i want them now dammit, but i don't torrent movies or whatever so i don't need too many of the gigabytes. My ideal plan would be ~100gbyte (lots of breathing room, 50 would do) at 100mbit.