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[SLUG] Re: Android-based smartphones - any drawbacks?

David Lyon
Sun, 5 Feb 2012 18:31:04 +1100
well, another viewpoint.

I bought a new notebook and it came with windows 7.

For years I've not felt so dissappointed with a computer. I just
couldn't find anything fun to do with it.

They've even removed 'debug'.. Shish-ka-bobs.

Then After I got Ubuntu 11 on, the machine is my sense of lovely. g++
was built in. Whoah.

I do know what you mean :)

For me there's a sense of ownership and control that happens when I install GNU/Linux on something. I know that's slightly exaggerated and I don't mind Win7. I just don't find *it* (as in Windows) interesting and fun in the same way I do a GNU/Linux install.

Maybe it's the simple way of installing applications, the vast number of things which are free (in multiple ways) and, sometimes, as with Humble Bundle, the fact that I can decide how much I want to pay for something and feel there's a two-way street in progress.

I also like the fact that on occasions I've written to the person/s who've created a piece of software and got a nice, friendly response and sometimes a "Sure, I'll get on to that/try this" response. Seriously cool.