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Re: [SLUG] Android-based smartphones - any drawbacks ?

Some people do care, not all.
Some people who cannot write code still care.
I have a G1 with Optus.
So this is at iphone 1 level of technology. How many of these are still around.
memory limited, cannot install many apps so have not explored them much.
Apps to SD works till card has problems, reformat, new card, reinstall, x3 then give up. Processor speed limited, updated operating system several times, CM, but stopped as became too slow to work well.
Purchased GPS navigation program Syngic works with occasional crashes.
Gmail contacts is useful to get contacts in.
Medical applications like MIMS were ported to Iphone, so NSW health bought us all a subscription and stopped having paper based books to look up. It is also accessible on www on computers at work if the network is working at its usual snails pace. Most medical things appear on IOS, many never make it to other systems even as a purchase. Heres hoping the increase in android sales may cause some suppliers to offer a group that can purchase what is useful to them, on more than 1 device OS. I have noticed that where previously most doctors had iphones, a significant number have android now, and most are not into software freedom as something that would influence their purchasing decision. This has changed in the last 6 months.

Optus network is slow and geographically limited.


On 03/02/12 14:20, simran wrote:
Hey Jeremy,

You don't sound like a troll... just someone who has been around a long
time and is used to doing it all themselves.

I think people do care... but there is a lot more specialisation now...
it's like medicne.... an ENT specialist doesn't know much about the legs...
but because he has specialised, he has furthered the research and solutions
in ENT. Same in technology, people are specialists, and not everyone has to
re-invent the wheel.

There are those that care, and those that care but are specialising in
areas where they can't impact the OS level decision...


On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 8:25 AM, Jeremy Visser<jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

On 2/02/12 20:42, Rod Butcher wrote:
Are there any things they can't do or can't connect to/interface with,
which other proprietary systems can ?

Not really, all there are lots of things it can't do that an open system

Like logging in as root. Or, y'know, compiling the whole OS from source.

Sadly, people these days don't care and this post will be ignored.
Amazingly enough, not even technical or otherwise FOSS–loving people
seem to care. Blah blah pragmatism blah blah works well enough. Nothing
about principles.

Wow, I sound like RMS. Or a troll–like version. Didn't think that day
would come.

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