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Re: [SLUG] Android-based smartphones - any drawbacks ?

I'm not at the cutting edge, I just need to have a smartphone that can do most things and is open-source without participating in holy wars. Can you clarify your comments ?
On 02/03/12 14:30, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
The most important app to me is that Libre app. Called Freedom or
something... not sure what others call it sometimes.

If you so insist on a self-centered reason: there's that big brouhaha
what, just December or something (can someone remember the name
please)? about that key-logging binary blob in the heart of _every_
iOS  _and_ android device?!!

Seriously, have we already forgotten?! At least with
Android/mostly-libre you can go and install your own OS, eg
Cyanogen-mod etc. By all means feel free to include that binary

What absolutely befuddles my mind, and so saddens my heart, is that
we, those who are supposedly somewhat "informed" in respect of the
computing world, don't remember such abominations to all decency, to
rights, to common sense, to respect and honour and integrity, barely a
month after it bloody happened!@! FFS!

Seems we really, actually, don't care. If it shiny, glossy, easy,
nice, we in soma happy place, yeah government look after me very well,
nice shiny gold cage I in with yummy swipe interface....

Please note my very royal use of the word "we".

As RMS said so many years ago, am I prepared to sacrifice some (these
days such a very firetruckin little!) convenience, shiny-new-ness,
etc, to gain freedom? Am I prepared to do a little extra work, suffer
a little extra frustration, to get the kind of freedom my kids would
be proud of when the day comes they understand such things, and ask me
about why our world is the way it is?

D: Here's a present son...
S: How does it work dad?
D: Just download the source son, and check it out. Might take you a few days...
S: What can I do with it dad?
D: Whatever you are able to son, just don't stop the next guy from
doing what he wants too!

To echo so many before us - the only real protection of our freedom,
is the love/care/seeking of freedom by the people. That's us. That's
you. That's me.
Live your rights. Live freedom. Live it or lose it...

...or perhaps a greater "range of apps available for the OS" is what
it really comes down to, correct?


On 2012-02-03, Rod Butcher<rbutcher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Thanks for all the feedback - Galaxy Nexus sounds like a contender. I
think it comes down to the range of apps available for the OS, correct ?
So are there important apps for IPHone and Windows Phone that Android
lacks or doesn't have apps that can provide equivalent functionality ?
Clunkiness doesn't bother me so long as the function is possible. Also,
are there any commonly-used file formats that Android apps struggle with ?
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