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[SLUG] mail follow ups

* Michael Chesterton <chesty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011-08-29 09:15:17 +1000]:
> > To be fair, Sonia, you haven't told our mail clients how you want followups
> > to be handled. Had you done so, this message would not have gone directly to
> > you.
> >
> > Google "mail followup to".
> Well, I did a little more looking and it appears you do sometimes use mail
> followup to header, but it was missing in the message I replied to. Oh well.
> At least my message might help someone new to lists, if not you. Peace, love
> and mung beans.

Thanks, and no worries! I've explicitly set the options in my ~/.muttrc,
though they default to yes anyway:

> set followup_to=yes
> set honor_followup_to=yes

Always good to learn something :-)

Sonia Hamilton