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Re: [SLUG] ssh key-based auth not working Ubuntu without GUI (X) login??

> * Amos Shapira <amos.shapira@xxxxxxxxx> [2011-08-23 13:11:47 +1000]:
> > This made me think about another option - do you use encrypted home
> > directories?

Brilliant, I never would have guessed, even though I have run into a similar
situation with start up scripts running before home was ready. If it was me,
I would put the authorized_key file in /home/sonia/.ssh while home is
unmounted. You just have to remember it's living in both places, it's there
when you aren't logged into the console, when you log into the console, it
gets hidden by the mounted encrypted drive and is inaccessible, but it's
already on your encrypted drive so both cases will work.

It's just a little fragile, because you have to remember if you update the
file you have to update it twice. But I could live with that.