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Re: [SLUG] (OT) Document and Content Management System

>> All the reports use the same format and at least 75% of the content is
>> 'boiler plate', the text does not change.
>> What is required is a 'super mail merge' where the I can enter the
>> contact, location and usage data etc into a form and then the document is
>> merged to create a 'pretty' new document.
> I just discovered a simple, fast and easy templating tool for python, called
> invoque.
> It is designed for HTML/XML templating, but will generate any kind of text
> by
> substitution, e.g.

An other option can be to use RTF format, it's clear(ish) text.
After that I guess there are programs to generate PDF for example
(rtf2pdf? or a fake cups printer?).

Most likely I'd stick with your initial Google solution, seems as the
easiest to implement. Once you know why it's not perfect you still can
write an own solution.