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[SLUG] (OT) Document and Content Management System

Dear List,

I need to buy / create a document management system that would create government reports for energy usage.

All the reports use the same format and at least 75% of the content is 'boiler plate', the text does not change.

What is required is a 'super mail merge' where the I can enter the contact, location and usage data etc into a form and then the document is merged to create a 'pretty' new document.

The requirements are a little more complex than that but the idea is valid.

My initial thought is to use Google Docs with some scripting but I am open suggestions.

Thank in advance. 

Richard Hayes
Nada Marketing
Level 5 Edgecliff Centre
203-233 New South Head Road Edgecliff NSW 2027 Australia 
PO Box 12 Gordon Australia 2072
+(61) 0414 618 426