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Re: [SLUG] Android: re-reading transient mssg, recursive file search ? gps.conf

On Fri, July 29, 2011 11:42 am, peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Peter, thanks

> I find them in the Notifications screen (drag down from the top of the

I don't think these were there, but, I'll check again next time
(these were like mssg from Sygic have trouble downloading)

> Voytek> aus-specific gps.conf: I have at&t gps.conf like below:

> You may want to change the SUPL host to something nearer too.
> supl.google.com works on port 7276.

OK, thanks

what's a good tool to edit such system files ?

I'm currently using a combination of FileExpert, terminal and some text
editor; copy to sdmedia, edit with some text editor, then use terminal to
rename, copy, etc, there has to be a simpler way... I probably should
start with learning FileExpert better, I might be able to do it all from

(now that I have a bt keyboard it might get easier too)