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[SLUG] New MSI CX640 laptop - props with Linux

I have a new MSI CX 640 laptop ( bought about 5 weeks ago).

It has an Intel i5 2410M cpu and Nvidea GForce GT520M vid chip.


Linux Mint 11.04 ran fine with the exception of:-

1) Syntellic Touchpad - seen as a USB device and even with USB mouse plugged in it still operates and causes pointer and text to junp all over the screen. Fixed under MINT with help of scripts from MSI Forums.

Cant get scripts to run under Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2.

2) external sound output doesnt work under Mint 11.04, but does work under Ubuntu 11.10 alpha 2.

Ubuntu no longer works after todays updates as it freezes at login screen.

Many other problems with Ubuntu but thats expected with an Alpha release.

I've tried Fedora 15 Live CD, Open Suse latest etc. No luck with sound out.

Has anybody had experience with Linux on a Gen 2 Intel ix series laptop/notebook/netbook, and if so can they recommend the most likely version to fix the sound out problem? The touchpad should be able to be "fixed" by the abovementioned scripts.