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Re: [SLUG] KDE gui package manger in Debian


	I'm using Fedora 15 with KDE4 and for installing new software I'm 
using KPackageKit. Is KPackageKit not available in Debian?


On Thursday, June 30, 2011 09:57:47 AM Steven Tucker wrote:
> Hi sluggers,
> quick background to problem:
> My son (6 yrs old) has been running Ubuntu for over a year, he keeps it
> up to date and installs games himself through the use of software center.
> As he has been an independent user capable of selecting and installing
> the software *he* wants, it would be very sad if he had to start relying
> on me.
> So now we come to the problem ..... with the inevitable move to from
> gnome2 to Unity or Gnome3, we looked at what environment he might like
> to choose. He decided he would like to use KDE, which may have been
> influenced by the fact that it is the choice I made, but never the less
> that is what he has chosen.
> For some reason there is a huge issue with Kubuntu and his hardware that
> I have given up trying to fix, so I have installed Debian (wheezy) and
> we both absolutely love it. The problem is it does not come with
> something like software center on KDE, and he is not about to start
> using apt! (least not till next year).
> Synaptic is not as simple as software center, I have read that there are
> issues getting software center running on Debian Wheezy, and if at all
> possible I would prefer a Qt/KDE solution.
> I have seen online Muon, which looks exactly like what I am after, easy
> software selection, integrated update notifier etc. But is not yet in
> Debian.
> Has anyone else come across this issue and found a suitable solution?
> We are sticking with KDE, are open to changing distro (but prefer not
> to) and would like relatively up to date software but not bleeding edge
> (so probably not Fedora or at the other end Debian stable).
> Thanks in advance
> Tuxta

Erwin Mueller