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Re: [SLUG] Is Linux Dead a worthy Debate for a SLUG meeting?

I think something to keep in mind (and not because I'm a stickler for such
things) is that what's important here is "free software".

Everything quoted so far leverages free software. "Linux" is a small
part of it.

I think the GCC developers may be a bit peeved if all the credit went
to Linux rather than them (and the Redhat backing it in the past); similarly
with LLVM and all the open contributions being made there. (Yes, that
includes by Apple.)

It doesn't matter whether Linux dies or not (for value of "die"), IMHO
what matters is that all the free software that makes a useful system
useful is still there and ticking along.


On Thu, Jun 23, 2011, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Linux powers my Motorolla mobile phone, my Kogan netbook, my LED Digital TV 
> and my Webserver. I hope it is not dead.
> What proportion of "Mobile Phones" are Android's, I-Phones or I-Pads?
> Marghanita
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> Marghanita da Cruz
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