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Re: [SLUG] Email Client

Daryl Thompson wrote:
I have been using evolution for years now and its been OK but now i want
to know is there a better email client then evolution, that do you think
of Thunderbirds?

In defence of Netscape/Thunderbird, it works fine for text,
HTML rich text email. I particularly like that it blocks images, "to
protect my privacy" and message download size limit. The filters also work
well. It also seems to integrate well with Firefox - click on links in
emails opens webpages.

Just looking at evolution - I noticed, it has one send/receive option.
Thunderbird lets you get and send your incoming and outgoing mail
separately, create emails and store as drafts.

I am still on version 2 - I haven't found the "undisclosed recipients" if
that is what you mean, about mailing lists. However, I do maintain a couple
of mailing lists and use Blind copies. Though note, ISPs do limit the
distribution lists. I also use mailman for managing a mailing list. You can
import and export mailing lists manually.

Under Preferences/Composition it provides the option of local address books
and directory server and apparently, you can download a clocal copy of a
directory to use when you are working offline.

If you mean web based access to your email...I think you will need to leave
your messages on the server or set your personal device up as a server. You
may well be able to specify a remote directory, ie one on a remote pc, to
download your email to.

With regard to synchronisation - I guess you mean with IPad etc - I haven't
used this feature...but it is probably achievable through the LDAP
integration in Thunderbird.

Files are quite accessible - so, you can create local folders...which can
be accessed with different apps.

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