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[SLUG] clone non-LVM system onto new LVM drive


* Ubuntu presently installed *without* LVM.
* New hard drive formatted with:
   /boot ext3 partition (empty so far)
   LVM group containing ext3 LV

I want to copy the original root partition onto the new LV so that the new hard drive and LV is a bootable clone, and the old physical drive can be removed/saved.

There are three objectives:
 Convert to LVM
 Keep the original as backup
 Upgrade the LVM version and be able to roll back if necessary.

I'm assuming that I will have to boot into a live CD and dd the original root partition onto an LV. How do I persuade this to boot correctly? Do I copy the original /boot onto the new boot partition? Do I have to make changes to the boot directory? Changes to grub? Then what? (apart from any BIOS changes, which are fairly obvious).

So far I haven't been able to find the right question to ask Google. Any help would be appreciated, of if anyone could point me at a howto that covers this scenario.