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[SLUG] Re: Fax to Email server

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> From: "" <marc11@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: <slug@xxxxxxxxxxx> , Kevin Fitzgerald <kev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 02:06:23 +0200
> Subject: Re: [SLUG] Fax to Email server
> Hi Kevin,
> Yes Hylafax can home multiple modems, I've mainly set it up so that it
> forwards
> to a email addresses not sure about to a printer - you will need to look
> further
> into that don't see why it can't do it.
> I also don't know of a distro that specifically does this, I had this on
> CentOS
> boxes and there used to be a thirty party Webmin plugin which in your case
> might
> be able to setup the basics. If you going to use Hylafax I would recommend
> reading through all the docs and get a solid understanding of it, it's not
> too
> extensive, just helps if something goes wrong as you will know exactly
> where to
> look :>
> Hope this helps!
> On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 10:47:23 +1100 Kevin Fitzgerald <kev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote
> > Hi all
> >
> > I have a customer who wants a fax server, to take in 3 PSTN fax lines
> > (Currently going to Original Fax hardware) and send the recieved faxes to
> an
> > email and to a local printer.
> >
> > A quick look suggests to me that Hylafax would fit the bill but I've
> never
> > worked on Hylafax before so my questions are
> > 1) can Hylafax take in Multiple modems and recieve faxes on all of them
> and
> > send them all to an email address
> > 2) Is there a dumb as dirt, preconfigured distro with a browser admin
> screen
> > I can use
> >
> > Thanks all. looking forward to the replies
> >
> > Kev
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> Kev,

I've used Hylafax for years in a couple of small businesses doing just what
you describe with the exception of only using one modem.  However, the
Hylafax configuration of two or more modems is easy and the software is
designed to support this.  I usually run Hylafax on a free product called
SME Server, which is based on Centos and provides a web based interface for
most administration.  The modem receives the fax, prints a copy to a
printer, and emails it to all members of our "fax" group as a pdf.  Setup is
not that difficult, but it cannot all be done from the web interface.  SME
does not come with hylafax set up.  You must dlownload and install a
"contrib", namely the hylafax package for sme, and follow a simple how-to
document.  There is in fact another contrib to add it to the web interface,
but I have not actually tried this.  Also, if you go with SME you need to
set up user accounts, email etc in the web-based interface.  It is probably
a bit of overkill to install SME just for a fax server, but who knows, your
client might prefer it whatever Windows Server version is currently in use.
 We get great functionality and save a fortune on licence fees.  Have a look
at http://contribs.org.

You can at least take comfort that it can be done relatively easily, and by
a lawyer, not an IT professional.