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Re: [SLUG] An apt-get question.

Many thanks for that.

I managed to install the app, although, like you I was disconcerted to
find it a propriety product.

I'll still try it. It may do the job.

Again, thanks.

William Bennett.

> wbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
>> I cannot find the .tgz file. I can only find
>> CptCrosswords-1.2.Linix.x86.tar at
>> http://freshmeat.net/projects/cpt-crosswords
> Not sure what went wrong there. I clicked ?Download?, and I got the .tgz
> file. I know Internet Explorer 7 likes to de-gzip tar files when you
> download them, but I doubt you?re using that.
> Ah, and now that you linked us to the actual software, I can see this is
> actually not normal tarballed software. It?s written in Java, and Java
> programmers have a horrible habit of reinventing the wheel everytime
> they do anything.
> What that means is this:
>> I intend to use
>> ./configure && make && make makeinstall
> ...doesn?t apply. We?ll need to do it differently. In fact, I will show
> you how I got it going right after downloading the .tgz file to my
> desktop:
> $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
>     (the above line makes sure Java is installed)
> $ cd Desktop
> $ tar xvf CptCrosswords-1.2.Linux.x86.tgz
> $ cd cpt_xw12/
> $ ./install
> (The graphical install wizard begins at this point, which looks a lot
> like a 1990s-era Windows installer)
> Note that despite the program using Java, it links 32-bit libraries,
> which means that if you have a 64-bit system (and thus 64-bit Java), the
> program won?t work. Here?s hoping you?re 32-bit.
> Hope this helps.
> P.S. The app is proprietary ? doesn?t appear to be open source at all ?
> so if you are still having lots of trouble with it, maybe it?s worth
> finding some free software to do the job instead.
> --
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