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Re: [SLUG] An apt-get question.

wbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> If I have an application that I wish to install --- a crossword compiler
> in this case and I have the download on the desktop --- it's a .tgz file
> --- is there an apt-get command 9or variation) that will install it?

Not really. The standard "./configure && make && make install" rules
still apply.

That said, you can do what I do and use a neat little utility called
"checkinstall" in place of the "make install" step.

Checkinstall calls "make install" in the background, and watches the
files that get installed. It then creates a package with those files,
which makes it super easy to uninstall later on.

Much better than manually uninstalling the app if they couldn't be
bothered enough to provide a "make uninstall" target.

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