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Re: [SLUG] live distro for Acer netbook?

The main obstacle is WiFi, but I believe the Acer netbooks have a similar WiFi setup to the Asus eee, in which case Fedora 13 should do the trick. There is also a netbook version of Puppy Linux that I was able to activate WiFi with. Ubuntu 10.4 and Mint would not recognise the wireless card on my Asus eee 1005 despite my following several sets of complicated instructions. Nor would several other distros -- I seem to remember Moblin was one of them.

If you use Windows on the netbook to download and install LinuxLive USB Creator, that makes it much easier to create and trial bootable USB sticks or cards -- http://www.linuxliveusb.com.


On 05/10/10 08:18, Voytek Eymont wrote:
a daughter of a friend asked me if it's possible to run applications from
a USB memory stick; I asked her what was it that she wants to run, she
told me 'cygwin, to run some c code'

I said 'why don't you boot your Acer netbook from a Linux on SD media

now what is asking what Linux should she get ?

so, what distro should I suggest for a uni student to 'run some c code' on
an Acer netbook ?

I did a brief search, came across Moblin, is that a good choice ?