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[SLUG] Auto Reboot ADSL modem ??

Lately I have had my connection "drop out" late at night, which causes auto-download via JDownloader to fail with "no internet connection" message.

I have JDownloader set to auto-reboot the modem from file hosters such as rapidshare ( for "free" downloads) and this will work fine normally.

However, when I am using a paid-for premium account on a file hoster this does not occur.

I am aware that my system can be set to auto-ping my connection on at a predetermined interval which is fine for just ensuring that my connection stays alive, and the modem can be rebooted via a script if the ping fails. However, if the system is working fine and downloading at max speed, the chances are that the ping will fail due to lack of band-width, which would then cause an unnecessary reboot of the modem.

Is there a daemon/script/utility ( pref GUI) that can determine whether or not my machine has an active connection by checking my network connection on Gnome NetworkManager or such?

I am using Mint 9 (Ubuntu 10.4 based).