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[SLUG] Hosting e-mail?


My wife's studio's web site is hosted with web24.com.au for a second
year in a row and we are pretty happy with it, for the price it costs

One thing we mistrust them with, however, is that e-mail to her domain
seems to be flaky. Test messages that we send to it not always arrive
to the destination (nor bounce).

We forward all e-mail for that domain to a default GMail mailbox and
some specific addresses (e.g. "info@", which is mentioned in the
contact form) to another mailbox.

Could someone suggest a better mail service we can rent separately
from web24 and point the MX records for that domain? We don't need
fancy features (e.g. Exchange), just something which will reliably
forward e-mail to our various gmail mailboxes.

We have already pre-paid an annual fee to web24 so we'll lose money if
we try to move now, plus it's an extra effort we can't fit into our
lives right now (expecting another baby).