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Re: [SLUG] Netbook, Touchpad and mobile phone - all in one. Quite interesting

On Saturday 18 September 2010 21:48:43 elliott-brennan wrote:
> https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/products/smartbook.htm

Are you sure about the phone bit? The web site refers to VOIP a lot, but the 
specs do not seem to include any cellular network capability. If it does not 
have that built in you would either be stuck with bluetooth (slow) or would 
need a USB device for that.

The other drawback is that the resolution of the handheld part of the device 
is a little low at 480x320. Compare, the Nokia N900, N810, N800 and N770 which 
have 800x480, and the iPhone 4 with 960x640.

The requirement to remove the back cover, exposing circuitry, to insert the 
handheld device into the tablet display is a cause for concern as to 
practicality - you don't want to be making that transfer on the train.

Other than that, the concept is certainly interesting. I like the idea that 
the tablet and the handheld can be the same device.

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