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Re: [SLUG] enabling snmp on NIC ?

On Thu, September 16, 2010 2:32 pm, DaZZa wrote:

> You know, I gotta admit, I haven't tried to graph the host interface
> on my Linux host., and I don't appear to be able to.
> Which is really weird, because I always remember Cacti being able to
> do just that. I just haven't done it lately because I'm more interested in
> switches/routers than hosts.
> You might be better asking at the Cacti support community
> (http://forums.cacti.net).


yes, I used to have mrtg chart i/f on a server before, and, I'm getting
Cacti charting windoze PC...

anyhow, I;ll try Cacti group later, thanks for trying.