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Re: [SLUG] Attempting to connect to 'net through wife's Blackberry on 3 network

On Sat, 2010-09-11 at 22:06 +1000, elliott-brennan wrote:
> The missus has a Blackberry Bold (about 10 months
> old) with a big data allowance.
> I'm trying to tether the bugger and have tried a
> number of approaches:

Have you tried seeing if it appears in the network-manager menu? A few
mobile phones and 3G dongles I've plugged into my computer cause a "New
Mobile Broadband Connection" menu item to appear in the network-manager
menu. Does that appear for you?

To be honest, I've never configured a tethered 3G connection manually
because it works so well with network-manager. Heck, it even supports
Bluetooth tethering if your mobile does.

Also, what does "tail -fn 0 /var/log/syslog" spit out as you attach your

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