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[SLUG] codecon

Hi Folks,

I am running my annual Coding and Camping weekend shortly.

A Code Con is a low cost conference for hackers and technology

You can't get much more low cost than this: camping in real tents, in
the bush (woods, forest, whatever) with campfires. No internet, no phone
reception. No spouses, nor children, nor parents to get in the way of
some serious coding. Or serious talking about coding. Or whatever.

It seems weird, but it works. It works very well. Come along next time
and see.

This year we are at Wollondilly River Station. We are booked the weekend
of 22/23/24 October.

The web site says no generators, but we will be OK, because I asked
specifically. There are more remote sites (still on the river) where we
will not disturb anyone.

More information is available at the web site

Peter Miller <pmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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