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[SLUG] Multimedia talks, presentations etc

Hi all,

As the MMBoF organiser I would like to invite
people to make suggestions as to what they would
like to:

1. Present at future MMBoFs
2. Discuss at future mmmmmmborrrrfs
3. Hear about...
4. See presentations on at...

These don't have to be highly technical issues
(you can see a theme here can't you?) and can be
about quite simple things, or even 'is there a way

If we can plan for our future then we just may
have one! :)

I'd like to create a list of things so we can move
towards the future, see the real you and have
responsible government of the mmmmborf and ensure
we're out of debt very soon. I would also like to
know if there are more things one can do with the
Intertubeeweb thing than send e-mail...I'm sure
someone has tweeted a Facespace poke me friend on
The SMS to mail a blog to someone about new ideas.



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