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[SLUG] Virtualisation and DRBD

Hi All

We're investigating both virtualisation of servers and High Availability
at the same time.

Currently looking at Linux-HA and DRBD (amongst others).

The idea of DRBD appeals to both me and the client as it means (or seems
to at least) that we could add a third (off-site) machine into the
equation for "real" DR.

What happens when we then introduce Virtualisation into the equation
(currently have 4 x servers running Centos & Windoze Server - looking at
virtualising them onto one single box running Centos-5).

I suppose the (first) question is: If we run 4 virtualised servers (B,
C, D, and E) on our working server "A" (complete with it's own storage),
can we also use DRBD to sync the entire box and dice onto server A1
(containing servers B1, C1, D1, and E1) or do we have to sync them all
separately? Will this idea even float? Can we achieve seamless failover
with this. If not, how would you do it

Any input (as ever) gratefully accepted.

Confused at the Console