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[SLUG] how to find an alternative superblock

 Hi all,

I'm running a virtual machine on vmware esx. vm = Centos 5.x (redhat)

I'm running ext2 with no LVM.

After removing some vmware "snapshots" the system rebooted into a readonly file system.

Another reboot and errors and kernel panic etc.

I've rebooted with linux rescue via the cdrom image.

I've mounted the file system in /mnt/sysimage

e2fsck -p -f /mnt/sysimage gives the error about superblock cannot be read etc.

e2fsck -b 8193 /mnt/sysimage gives the same error message.

So, am I using the correct command?
How do I find the location of a copy of the superblock?
Still Goooooooogling but any help appreciated.