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[SLUG] SLUG monthly meeting: 30 July 2010

Google Sydney - 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont

  * Date: Friday July 30 2010
  * Start time: Arrive at 6pm for a 6:30pm start
  * Format: Lightning talks
  * == RSVP at http://slug.eventbrite.com ==
  * Suggest or sign up for a talk at [1]

==== Details ====
Instead of running two 45 minute talks will be having two sets of
Lightning talks.

For those who don't know what a Lightning talk is, it's a very short
talk to get a short overview about a subject. They are great because if
you are not interested in the current subject you only have to listen for 5
minutes. I personally have found that I always learn something cool,
exciting or new!

The first section will be on "General Lightning talks", each person will
get 5 minutes (and 5 minutes only) to talk about anything from something
simple as "The new idea I want help with" to the "My summary of this 45
minute talk" or even "5 cool facts about Rusty Russell".

The second section will be on "In-depth Lightning Talks", each person
will get 7 minutes to talk about something a bit more indepth.

**Slots are still available**, so if you are interested in talking, please
sign up at [1]

Don't think you can give a talk, but have an idea for a talk you'd
like to see? Add it to the **Talks I'd like to see** section[2] of the
same wiki page!

[1] http://wiki.slug.org.au/julylightningtalks
[2] http://wiki.slug.org.au/julylightningtalks#talks_i_d_like_to_see