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Re: [SLUG] today's scary thought

Jeff Waugh <jdub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> <quote who="Del">
>> Someone asked me today, as they often ask me about things Linux, if I had a
>> Linux replacement for their favourite "journal" app that they run on their
>> (windows) PC.  I asked what that journal app did, and was told:
>> "You can set it to track when you open files of various types [in other
>> applications] and how long they are open for.".  Further quizzing revealed
>> that you can set it to record when those files were opened, saved, closed,
>> and when and where any saved and backup copies were stored.

Wow.  What a useful tool for tracking what you do!

>> I mentioned the security impacts of such an application, or even the fact
>> that such an application was possible, and left it at that.
> Look around for Zeitgeist. :-)

...or snapshot 'ls -l /proc/[0-9]*/fd/' on a regular basis, or better still
use one of the task notification hooks that I understand are floating
around[1] to capture task creation and exit automatically.

Also, what on earth security implications did you see, Del, in being able to
see what files you have opened yourself?  It isn't like your applications
couldn't record this anyhow...


Heck, my Emacs does keep a long history of the files I have opened, since I
like to be able to do backward-isearch in an LRU list to get at things I
worked on in the last few days...

[1]  ...in that I have seen occasional discussion of 'em on the kernel list,
     so presume they have floated out to have a user-space interface by this
     point, but no nothing beyond that.

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