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[SLUG] Re: WordPress, PHP ... Re: Ubuntu 10.04

On Tuesday 29 June 2010 22:31:03 Michael Chesterton wrote:
> Both google and yahoo have firefox plugins that might help diagnose
> the problem. One is called yslow (I think that's yahoo's) and
> googles is speed test toolbar or something obscure like that.
> Does the page wait for a few seconds on a blank screen and then
> download quickly, or does it start downloading straight away but
> slowly?

Kind of a bit of both.  I can hear the box grinding trying to deliver 
a web page and then for about 5 or 15 seconds something is happening.  
Doesn't matter where I download the page from or which operating 
system I use to view the site.  Same result.  There is 1Gb of RAM in 
the box which should be enough for a machine that delivers about two 
web pages a week.

Kind of wait for seconds and then download slowly.  Annoying problem.