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[SLUG] Re: WordPress, PHP ... Re: Ubuntu 10.04


I think this one died a while ago but after some months I have finally 
been able to get my Wordpress blog running again....


Finally sorted it out with 'apt-get install wordpress' which most 
likely installed a configuration file that I didn't know about.  After I 
disabled a couple of incompatible plugins that Wordpress 3.0 didn't 
like the content of the pages came back up again.  Wordpress is 
installed from the source from the Wordpress site.

Now I just have to work out why it is that web pages are so slow to 
download from this box.  Not sure what that's about.  DNS configuration 
seems to be okay and there is 2 Megabits of bandwidth on my home line.  
Shouldn't be any problems.

Thanks for everyone's helpful comments.