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[SLUG] [OT] Wanted: geeks with tent and GPS

Hi Sluggers,

Sorry about the off topic post.

I have a project in the Blue Mountains, working to eradicate blackberry
from a difficult-to-reach place in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Saint Helena Crater, see the web site...

The NPWS work plan for Feb-Mar-Apr 2010 has included spraying about half
of the 7ha infestation.  I have been invited back to re-map, to have an
objective measure of progress.

I have secured permission to bring in equipment necessary to re-map the
blackberry presence in the crater all in one go (last time it took me
three weekend trips).  The plan is for a four day effort from Thu 29-Jul
to Sun 1-Aug, but you don't have to go for all 4 days.  See the
following link for details:


Do you have a GPS?  Or a widget that contains a GPS?  Can you load
waypoints into your widget?  Can your widget direct you towards a
waypoint?  You do not have to be an experienced bush walker, but you do
need a tent (or to share one) and a good sleeping bag.  Your rucsac (or
single bag) will be trucked in for you.

So, community minded gps-owning people, how about coming along?

Just to be clear: This is NOT my annual CodeCon trip.  That is in
October.  http://miller.emu.id.au/pmiller/codecon/2010/index.html

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