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Re: [SLUG] git buildpackage

>>>>> "James" == James Sadler <freshtonic@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

James> The application is an HTTP server to be launched on server
James> startup, so I used the init.d.ex and init.d.lsb.ex templates
James> generated by dh_make, removed the .ex extension and made sure
James> that the debian/rules file invoked dh_installinit.  (also,
James> what's the reason for there being two init.d script flavours?)

James> The package is created successfully, but when the installation
James> starts the service the installation hangs.  I'm guessing that I
James> have to control the daemonization of my service myself (I had
James> assumed that the boilerplate generated by dh_make or
James> start-stop-daemon would have taken care of it).

Does the process that starts daemonify itself?  start-stop-daemon
assumes it's starting a daemon (i.e., a process that, after doing
whatever startup checks it needs to, forks and calls setsid() to
detach itself from its parent).

If you add a --background argument to start-stop-daemon, it'll do the
daemonification for you, but then you lose startup checks.
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