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[SLUG] Issues with Kubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10

Hi all
I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 with a KDE desk top and I'm having a number of
issues, I have a Vodafone mobile broadband connection and I'm running
Beta Vine 2.10.01 and every time I attempt to connection the error
message reads "Vodafone has tried to connect three times and has given
up it might be provoked by a problem in the configuration or just by the
fact that there is no connection" ok I need help over here.

Also Open Office 3.1 is loaded on this distro and its crashing more
times than I've had hot dinners has anybody else had that issue and if
so how did they solve it? Oh and when is the next SLUG meeting on I'll
bring it along and would really appreciate support with this the last
time I had Kubuntu on my desk top it locked me out and I had to go back
to using Windoze Grrrrr!!

I have as well noticed that when I put her to sleep some times and wake
her up that she still thinks that she is asleep and I'm unable to access
my external HDD so I would most surely appreciate support with sorting
that out as well.

Much joy

Johannes Nielsen

Senior welfare worker of The Valhalla Project

Mobile Office +61 (0) 449 065 729 (Business Hours and by appointment)

Office +61 2 8003 5776 (Business Hours by appointment only)


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