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Re: [SLUG] Open source POS software and MYOB - also: ATO new system

John Nielsen wrote:
Hi All
My lover has a stall that sells a great number of small items and were
looking for an open source POS system that can assist me in tracking the
demographic and psychogragpics of our customers and were also looking
for an open source equivalent of MYOB.

I can't help with POS as I don't use it.
I replaced MYOB with LSMB http://ledgersmb.org
This system has a POS module, but I know nothing about it.

While on the subject, does anyone know anything about the ATO's new consumer tax system interface? I clicked the link on the ATO website and when it failed with an email bounce, I notified the ATO and they replied:

Thank you for providing detail around the email bouncing issue.

We have revised our approach to collecting registration emails.

Please try the link again - the new address is: sbr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I did as asked and got no reply.