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Re: [SLUG] Fwd: Club History

On 22 April 2010 07:51, Peter Chubb <peterc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 17 years on, it's still going strong.  The original organisers (Rob
> Thomas, Chris Fraser, Jeremy Fitzhardinge and myself) are all still
> active in Linux, but I think I'm the only one left in Sydney. I
> haven't heard anything of Rob for years; Chris is in London, and
> Jeremy in San Francisco.

All Softway alumni, right?

While we're getting nostalgic, I dug up these floppies from my brother's
personal effects:

I suspect there were a bunch of people who received their first copies of
Linux from Anthony on floppies much like this. We had a steady stream of
people dropping by to swap blank floppies for copies of Linux.

Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxxxxxx>