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[SLUG] Help with a modem installation, please.

I'm trying to follow the instructions for installing the ZTE MF626 modem.

I've :
1) downloaded the latest usb_modeswitch file as directed.
2) clicked and selected "extract here". Which it did.

The next instruction is what's the matter:

3) Open the terminal,and go to the location of the compressed file end

sudo make install.

Well, the location of the decompressed file is Downloads and the file is
USB-modeswitch-1-1-1. Trying the command results in

make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.

Hum. Well, I noticed that the Desktop now has a folder called ZTEMODEM.

It contains the following:

Folder: Installer
File: autorun.inf
File: Autorun.dat
File: Autorun.exe
File: NextG_48x48.ico

So, I thought I go into the ZTEMODEM folder and try the command.

ie, cd ZTEMODEM from the Desktop.

No. it denies all knowledge of ZTEMODEM's existence.

Any suggestions, please?

William Bennett.