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Re: [SLUG] THE PIA wallet

On Saturday 17 April 2010 10:00:04 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Autologin and I get invited to enter the wallet password to enable
> > the wireless. How do I do away with that, to have nm automatically
> > start?
> Applications > Passwords and Encryption Keys
> Right click on "Passwords: login", click Change Password, type your old
> password, and leave the new password blank. Hit the button, and it will
> confirm that you want to "Use Unsafe Storage". Sounds like you do.
> This will unlock your GNOME keyring.
> I'm not surprised you didn't get any Google hits. Searching for "PIA
> wallet" wouldn't have got you very far. This search would have got you
> much further (which uses text found, uh, in the wording of the dialog
> boxes):

Jeremy thanks
I'd more or less been led and strayed to that point. I still get the 
Authorization needed for NM dialog at boot time with the only option [cancel] 
at which point network access is achieved. <uurgh>

In response to your gentile innuendo 
> ... "Use Unsafe Storage". Sounds like you do.
Living alone at home one does not need to lock the bathroom door :-)