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RE: [SLUG] Presentations for multi-media BOF

I would like to hear about these too, Marghanita.


Linux - you use it everyday

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Subject: Re: [SLUG] Presentations for multi-media BOF
From: Marghanita da Cruz <marghanita@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06/04/2010 3:33 pm


Are you talking about the SLUG meeting on April 30?

There are two topics, which I could speak about briefly, but
on which I would also like to hear from others.

a) Prompted by the question about MPEG2 decoders - a short
talk/discussion/overview about Video Codecs and the
free/licensed issues for Linux/Browsers and consumer cam

b) Power Management in Linux - I am looking at power use in
general but could give a 15min talk on what I discover about
power management on the the Kogan Netbook (running gOS
- linux) if there is interest.  I would love to hear a deep
tech talk on the power management modules in linux and maybe
something on servers.

To prompt other speakers who may have something to share on 
this topic,
I came across this article April 2010 issue of ACM mag :
Recipe for efficiency: principles of power-aware computing.

Marghanita da Cruz
Tel: 0414-869202