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Re: [SLUG] SLUG Membership decline -info

treasurer@xxxxxxxxxxx will get the current treasurer

Options, cheque or money order via post, or direct deposit works, you
would just need to deposit in SLUG A/C and give it an identifier and
send me the details via email or post; date, amount, location, your name
and address. I would then wait for the bank statement showing it and
when that arrives send off receipt and card.
Or you could pay at a meeting.
Full year membership is only $25 p.a., or $15 p.a. for for students,
unemployed people and healthcare card holders and entitles you to free
or ultra low cost entry to all SLUG activities. Voting rights under the
SLUG Inc. articles of association can only be pledged by current
financial members.

Bank details;
Commonwealth bank A/C
SLUG, Sydney Linux Users Group Incorporated,
BSB 062005   A/C  10496399

PO Box Q811
QVB, NSW 1230

Cheque made out to:- Sydney Linux Users Group Incorporated.


next meeting

exSLUG treasurer

Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:
On 2 April 2010 19:16, jon <jonjermey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm happy to give a talk on Inkscape or OpenOffice. There's a couple of
other neat applications I'm happy to discuss too. But it would all be very
much at an introductory level. That's the reason I suggested an Applications
SIG, to try and bring in people who are just switching over from W*ndows and
want to go on doing what they've been doing there.

We already have a forum for such discussion: it is called SLUGlets.
I'm sure they would be happy to see your talk.