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[SLUG] Which bank doesn't use Linux servers?

I noticed the following on the Commonwealth netbank site this morning:

>NetBank, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking will be unavailable between 2am and 5am EST on Sunday 4 April 2010 to allow for the changeover from Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time to Australian Eastern Standard time. Please take this timeframe into consideration when completing your banking. For updates during this change, please visit: www.commbank.com.au/update. Please press NEXT to access NetBank.

Assuming it wasn't an April Fool joke, perhaps it means their databases use local time and the logic won't permit transactions to be entered out of order such as might appear to be if one happened just before the changeover time and another less than an hour later.

How quaint! I remember hearing once that Commonwealth Bank servers were always rebooted on Sundays so they'd be less likely to go down during the week.

Jim Donovan