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Re: [SLUG] Tutorial Friday week

On 23/02/10 16:27, Heracles wrote:
> I tried to run extreme tux racer and it was too slow to be usable. I am
> running PCLinuxOS with Gnome.

Have you tried testing whether you actually have 3D acceleartion or not?
Your laptop is 900 MHz — the CPU part of it is fine.

I put a good video card (GeForce 6200) in a 550 MHz machine, and it even
runs wobbly windows smoothly.

I'd hazard a guess that you're not actually utilising 3D acceleration,
which is resulting in the unplayability of Tux Racer. Pyglet also uses
OpenGL, so its performance will be impacted by that.

What do these say?

$ glxinfo | grep renderer
$ glxinfo | grep rendering
$ lspci | grep VGA

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