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[SLUG] Replicate Production to DR file system with rsync

Hi All,

I've googled this one for a while and can't find any examples of people doing *system* file sync with rsync.  So I thought I'd throw it out to the collective wisdom of SLUG.  Here's the full story.

We have a SuSE-based production application/DB server pair and a corresponding pair in a disaster recovery location (offsite, bandwidth consumption needs to be minimised).  We need to sync a number of files between these servers and some require elevated (root) privileges at *both* ends.  Here lies the problem; we don't allow remote root logins (via SSH or any other method either...sudo, console or nadda).

I want to use rsync because of it's ability to transfer differential/incremental changes and thus bandwidth friendly, however any other tool would be fine too.  However, due to the inability for root to login directly, how the heck do I synchronise particular files in privileged locations (like /etc/shadow)?  I can start whatever services I need at either end (like an rsync server) but the main thing is all files maintain the same owner/group/mode at each end.


Thanks in advance,