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Re: [SLUG] 64 bit.

On Tuesday 09 February 2010 06:37:38 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > you can run 
> > 32bit programs perfectly in a 64bit install)
> I suspect this needs to be tested application-by-application.
> I use VueScan commercial package (supports more scanners than xsane),
> and it does not like running directly, but if I run it in a 32-bit
> chroot it works correctly.

All that tells you is that you have not got your 32 bit environment correctly 
setup, missing libs whatever. 32 bit programs run exactly the same on 32bit 
and 64 bit hardware. No need to test application by application.
try ldd application to check libs

The saga around flash arises from trying to get 32 bit plugins working on a 64 
bit program.

I do lots with ltsp where 64 bit servers (memory handling) is much better than 
32 bit memory paging.
Nobody *ever* complains about stability on 64 bit or non working apps and the 
thin-client paradigsm is 'keyboard mouse and display' being the server 
console. ie all the users run 64 bit versions of the app on the server. 
ltsp can do many cute things, including LOCAL_APPS but that is not relevant