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[SLUG] Silverstone LC16M

<quote who="John Clarke">

> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:41:45AM +1100, Mike Andy wrote:
> > By the way what did you decide for with your IR Receiver John?
> I was going to buy a Silverstone LC10-E, but I now think I'll get an LC16M
> which includes an IR receiver (unless the DVD drive bay in the LC16M
> interferes with the video card, in which case I'll get the LC10-E and
> worry about the IR receiver later).

We have the LC16M sitting under our TV. It's a great big tank, but once it's
in a display stand or whatever it's fine. Lots of room for disks, an LCD, IR
and front-panel control if you need them (we use a wireless keyboard now)...
the only disadvantage is that it adheres to the late-2000s blue LEDs fetish.

Stupid blue LEDs.

- Jeff

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