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Re: [SLUG] MythTV hardware advice sought

John Clarke wrote:
True, but even with a dual core it's going to be the most powerful
computer in the house :-)

I use a dual-core machine without any major issue. I find it's not so much the ad skipping, but the transcoding that takes all the CPU time. If you're not intending to transcode then that isn't an issue.

BTW the shintaro can be recovered from having a bowl of stroganoff dumped into it (If your interested).

Each to his own.  I'd rather each my dinner than pour it onto my

I use a Shintaro, similar to Jakes. For Myth alone it doesn't add much value, but we also use our Lounge Room TV for Web Browsing/YouTube/iView etc. and the keyboard really comes into it's own then. It's also good for the occasional annihilation of aliens or insane bombing of helpless villagers in MythGames.

fwiw I've had pretty good success with USB tuners. I've been through five different PCI-based tuner cards over the last few years, they seem to reliably fail for me. I've found they get very hot and I'm guessing that 24x7 usage in a hot box is more than they can handle. The KWorld 399U USB dual-DVB tuner I use now seems to be powering along just nicely, latest MythBuntu supports it out of the box, and it's by far the cheapest solution I've found.