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[SLUG] Re: SLUG] MythTV hardware advice sought

On Monday 16 November 2009 09:00:05 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > a) I'd run back and front end of different machines
> I'd thought of doing that, but because the TV and aerial cable are in
> the same room, I'd still have to make this machine both fron and back
> end, so I don't see any great benefit in having a remote back end.

Except that you don't want to power up your machine every time you want to 
check ABC's Finance is set to record weekly, your daughter phones and asks you 
to record friends or you just want to check that motoGP has higher priority 
than conflicts and IMHO the EPG is adequate and tracks their sometimes quickly 
changing schedules EG
myth scheduled to record FavoriteProgram on 7 at 19:30. Seven reschedules for 
myth wakes up at 19:29 finds Not scheduled for 19:30 and goes to sleep and 
does not record at 19:32 !! 

These are real, not thought experiments.

> Add another hdd or 2 because myth can use storage pools to reduce the  
> seek load when recording and playing multiple streams and drives are so  
> cheap these days.

>> More drives == more noise though, so if I do add more drives, maybe I
>> should configure a remote back-end?  The machine I'd do that on would
>> then need some drives replacing because all of its SATA ports are in
>> use, and there's not enough free space to store much TV.

And Seagate's 'SCSI vs ATA more than just an interface' which claims the 
failure rate of a multiple disk system is much higher than 1 disk ...

Disk1 seeks and knocks Disk2 off track ...
So Disk2 seeks and knocks Disk1 off track ...

>> The card I'd picked, the GT220, supports VDPAU (VP4 including MPEG-4
>> decoding), but I'll have another look at motherboards and see if I can
>> find one with suitable graphics on-board.

Side by side I compare 2 AMD dual core machines with VDPAU enabled on 1 (8600)
and motor racing or footie and I see no difference to my OnBoard ASUS