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Re: [SLUG] Pulse Audio

2009/11/2 Daniel Pittman <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Heh.  Let me assure you, the integration question wasn't FUD: it is firmly
> grounded in fact.  Well, at least, "was", in the sense that the first
> Ubuntu
> with PulseAudio *really* screwed up.

[deleted long description of what I may have been through myself too,
without knowing all the details Daniel explains]

I'd just like to point out that after a long time with 9.04 and no mic
working (essential for Skype calls) - once I upgraded to 9.10 and found some
ubuntu wiki page which explains what to look for I got mic working with very
little GUI twiddling. Sound output was already on with 9.04 (after initial
period of it getting lost after a while).

So now I have Skype working properly with both the stand-alone mic and the
one on the webcam.

Ubuntu 9.10 warned me very clearly about some SMART errors on the office
desktop disk (I took the opportunity to replace the disk by two disks and an
MD mirror raid :).

I don't follow this stuff closely but my general impression is that Ubuntu's
weak point for a while now is not enough integration and testing - for many
things not just PA.