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Re: [SLUG] Port forwarding weirdities

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 23:34 +1100, Ishwor Gurung wrote: 
> Hrmm. Try patching it against r17555 and see how it goes -
> https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/17555. There are a bunch of fixes in
> r16278 plus try disable QOS'ing packets (seems to be the common wisdom
> of the ticket discussion)

Aha. Found the ticket here after looking based on those keywords:

Cool, looks like it is my issue after all. So it's a bug in one of their
kernel patches. Hmmph -- I guess I'm glad it's found, although they
certainly took their sweet time.

And I can't disable QOS, otherwise VoIP is unusable here.

Apparently the fix is going into Kamikaze 8.09.2, so I'm happy about

Some people in the ticket mention that same port <--> same port forwards
don't stuff up, so I think I'll just do a 1240 <--> 1240 forward until
8.09.2 is released.

Thanks for the pointers everyone! Looks like this is 'resolved', despite
not being 'fixed' yet. :)

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